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Four Things You Need to Stop Doing in 2016

Happy New Year and welcome to a new year of possibilities. During my planning for the year, I took a look back at the previous year to reflect on what I was grateful for, what worked, what didn't work and what needed to stop. As you continue on your journey of growth and success, some things have to go and some things have to stop. You cannot attain new heights and achieve new goals with certain things that are still in the way. As I worked with clients and talked to prospects in the past year, these four things are some of the recurring themes I realized were holding people back from getting results. I noticed I was doing some of them too.

Here they are:

1. Stop saying: "It is what it is". Have you heard yourself or someone say this regarding a situation that needs to change? We tend to settle for what is when we are not getting results. Things are not working the way they should in your team or organization and we seemingly can't see a solution. You have tried unsuccessfully to achieve a certain goal but you have resorted to saying "it is what it is". This is a sign of giving up. Why not change your language to "how can I make it not what it is"? and see what happens. What could be done? Who could you call? Who can you ask for help? Giving up on getting better results should not be an option.

2. Stop blaming others or circumstances. Many blame the economy, their boss, team mates, employees, parents, the government, and so on for the adverse results they are getting. For example, as a boss do you blame your employees for the mistakes they make? what could you have done differently to affect the outcome? If you keep shifting blame on others you will never succeed and get good results. Live your life in such a way that you will never have to blame anyone for any potential misfortune or outcome. Take responsibility for your outcomes. This will make you do the things necessary to get the results you want.

3. Stop wishing the day was over. We may have days when things are not going well or work is slow, or we are working with someone we particularly don't like. We usually don't enjoy those days. We always wish the day was over. Each day is an opportunity to do our best and we should not squander those opportunities. What you do today matters for tomorrow's success; so cherish each day. If you are in a bad situation, you can find ways to make the best of it. If not, it will be another day lost to complaining, not getting anything of value done, or not building the foundation for the future days. If you have a slow work day for example, instead of complaining and twiddling your thumbs, what else could you work on? If you are in an unpleasant situation how can you make it more enjoyable? During my corporate days, my drive to work was about an hour long each way which I hated. It took me a while to learn this, but instead of whining all the way to work and back, I started listening to audio tapes and training courses in the car. Now I look forward to long drives because it's an opportunity to learn something new. Make each day count.

4. Stop Saying you don't have enough time. This is common to everyone and it is due to lack of proper planning. There is a difference between activity and productivity. Have a daily plan that stems from your vision. Your vision, mission and values should translate into your goals, and your goals should translate into the things you do everyday; Both for you and your team. A lot of us stray from the vision and we start doing things we are not supposed to do. We look back and we wonder where the time went. If you are good planner you will become more productive. Follow the 80/20 rule. Plan your day around spending more time and money with people, strategies, and customers who bring you the highest return.

Here is a simple formula for getting more done and becoming more productive. 3R - What is Required, what gives you the greatest Return, what gives you the greatest Rewards.If these activities are on your calendar, you become more accountable and you will have less room for time wasters such as urgent and unimportant requests, unnecessary conversations, and activities that have nothing to do with your vision and goals.

I wish you much success this year, and if I can help you with anything, please reach out to me. The Growth Studio is here to help you improve your personal, team and organizational performance so that you can achieve better results and grow to your maximum potential.

There is no passion to be found playing small and settling for a life (or a career or ministry) that is less than the one you are capable of living (or having) ~ Nelson Mandela

Achieve Better Results, Grow your Profits, Move to your Next level in 2016!

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To your Success!

Kemi Sorinmade

Improvement and Leadership Developmenmt Coach, Trainer

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