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Mastering the Art of Delegation

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If you are still stuck and not getting as much done as you would like, maybe it's time to start delegating and empowering others to help you. Delegation is not reserved only for managers and executives. You can and should delegate even if you are an individual contributor, solo business owner, or team member. In fact, delegating and empowering others to do work you would normally do is a mark of true leadership. Great leaders measure themselves by what they can get done through others. But I understand your issues with delegation. It takes too much time, they will not do a good job, and so on.

Here are some simple tips to help you effectively delegate to others:

1. Write down and communicate exactly what needs to be done. People cannot hit a target that is not clear. When you ask for help, define what needs to be done as clearly as possible.

Motivation is always in direct proportion to the level of expectation - Denis Waitley

2. Communicate WHY the job needs to be done. When people know why, and the reason behind what needs to be done, it inspires and motivates them to help and also do a great job.

3. Communicate when the job needs to be done. I must confess that I'm a procrastinator, so I'm driven by deadlines. Nothing motivates me like a deadline. When you give people a deadline, that's how they will know how important the task is.

4. Determine who is best suited to do the job and ask the right person for help.Try as much as possible to delegate to people's strengths. When what people need to do exceeds their ability, the result is anxiety. And when what needs to be done is below their ability, the result is boredom. Ensure you match the job to people's strengths and capabilities. You may need to take the time to train and mentor the individual who's not quite there yet.

5. Determine what success looks like and communicate how well the job needs to be done. Sometimes we ask people to help with a task and we don't let them know exactly what the end result should be. We end up complaining that they didn't do a good job. Let people know what success looks like and provide the necessary tools, standards and instructions to help them succeed. I hope these help. Let me know if you will be using any of these tips or what has worked for you in the past as far as delegating to others. If you still have trouble delegating and if you've been taking on too much, this article will give you a starting point.

No man will make a great leader who wants to do it all himself, or to get all the credit for doing it. ~ Andrew Carnegie

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