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Manager to Leader

Motivate, Inspire and Engage Your Team for Results

Studies have shown time and time again that employee turnover results in high costs, low morale and lack of productivity.  Why are your people leaving? Why are they not performing well?

People Quit Bosses! Performance and Effectiveness are are a direct result of Leadership!


"An Organization’s Growth Potential is Directly Related to its Personnel Growth

When you Grow Leaders, You Grow your Organization"

Improve employee performance and engagement, reduce turnover, create a safe work environment and increase your profits by training your managers, team leads, and supervisors to become better leaders. They will grow their influence and maximize their impact by learning and applying the principles of Effective Leadership


Manager to Leader Training for Tech, Eng

Your organization is growing and you've achieved some level of success, but there's something missing:


  • You know there is room for more effectiveness and growth. 

  • The cost of employee turnover is affecting your bottom line

  • Your employees are not as motivated as they should be.

  • Your employees lack initiative and are not engaged.

  • Team work is lacking and productivity is on a downward spiral.

  • Your customer satisfaction rating could be better.

  • There is a lack of connection between management and employees; between your organization and customers.

  • You are a manager and you want to lead your employees from a place of influence and respect.


Are you ready to take your organization to the next level?


  • Transform your managers into leaders

  • Connect better with everyone in your organization

  • Solve recurring problems

  • Motivate, inspire and engage employees

  • Empower employees

  • Improve Team work

As a participant in this program, you will learn, discuss, and implement:


  • Simple insightful ways to interact more positively with team members and other stakeholders even if you are not a "people person"

  • The steps to raise your influence, drive results and make an impact as a manager or supervisor

  • Discuss and develop strategies and the practical steps to help you lead, motivate, empower others 

  • Apply strategies learnt to improve communication, resolve conflict, provide effective feedback, lead better meetings, and master the art of delegation


"This class was a great introduction on how to work on becoming a better leader. From the first week, I was able to use the skills learnt at my office to improve relationships with co-workers and increase team output"

Michelle B., Quality Engineer

Our leadership team was having problems motivating and engaging team members. We loved the way she communicated with us, her ability to find solutions for the problems of the group and how she broke things down into simple narratives that we have started implementing with success .

Ayodele A. Team Leader

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