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   A Fresh Approach to Leadership

Build a Better Organizational Culture, One Leader at a Time


Everything Rises and Falls on Leadership.  Do you know how far your organization can go with improved leadership? It's time to grow your most appreciable asset - your people.

Your leadership ability determines the level of your effectiveness; and the only competitive advantage you have as an organization is your leaders. In order to drive performance and maximize results you need to improve employee performance and engagement, and build a great company culture by building a strong leadership foundation. This is the leadership Advantage!

Our leadership Consulting and Training  programs will be tailored to meet the specific needs and goals of your organization.  We will work with you to deliver results through facilitated work sessions, training and coaching, as applicable.  

  • Develop your leadership skills for more effectiveness

  • Lead, motivate and engage your employees

  • Develop others into leaders

  • Improve personal and team performance 

  • Solve your current organizational challenges

  • Improve communication 

  • Communicate and fulfill the vision of your team or organization

  • Improve your organization's culture


Each program is customized to meet your needs and backed with an Implementation Plan and Coaching for follow through and accountability.

UNLEASH THE LEADER IN YOU: Your organization is transformed when everyone unleashes their leadership potential. This is the leadership transformation program that will set your organization on a new path of success.

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COMMUNICATING FOR RESULTS AND IMPACT -  In this course you will l​earn the strategies to grow into a leader that can connect with others so that you can communicate in a way that gets your message across and inspires action from others.​ Learn More

DEVELOPING THE LEADERS AROUND YOU- Developing leaders is essential to make a great and lasting impact. The leader sees the big picture, but he or she needs other leaders to help make their mental picture a reality.

In this course, we will embark on a journey of personal leadership which leads the ability to lead others. You will be challenged not only to learn about developing leaders but also to take the action steps necessary to invest in the potential leaders around you. You’ll learn principles that have been tested and proven again and again.

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A JOURNEY OF PERSONAL GROWTH - A personal development program to help your employees learn and apply strategies for improved personal and team performance; leading to success and growth for your organization. When you grow your people, you grow your profits. 

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MANAGER TO LEADER INTENSIVE - Are your team members under performing? Are your good employees quitting? They may be doing so because they serve under bosses and managers. Transform your bosses and managers into leaders and maximize your results.

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DISC PERSONALITY COMMUNICATION AND LEADERSHIP WORKSHOP - Everyone you encounter and work with is motivated differently and views tasks and relationships differently. The DISC workshop will help you achieve greater success individually and as a team when you learn to understand and value your strengths as well as those of others. Learn more 


"What Kemi shared with our team reinforced what our company stands for and what I have been teaching our team members for 25 years. The material taught was excellent; Kemi's presentation was focused and clear. I was impressed by the way she related the principles she taught to our industry".

Bruce M. President


Excellent information, materials and practical experience. Very worthwhile-got me thinking about leadership in multiple aspects of my life

Sr. Quality Professional

I am currently a student in the Growth Studio leadership class on The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership. Prior to this class, I had always viewed leadership workshops were for people aspiring to be leaders in their respective fields, but I came away from the first class (The law of the lid) with a new insight that my level of effectiveness is tied to my leadership ability. Subsequent classes have been as awesome as the first. More importantly, is that my coach's (Kemi Sorinmade) passion is reflected in all her teachings. Thank you for the class! 

Boston School Teacher


Taking the “21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership” with Kemi was truly a pleasure, an eye opener, and seven weeks of sacrifice that was really worth it. Although, the seven weeks flew by so quickly but in the end I gained wealth of information. Kemi, did a great job of illustrating these laws with her own personal experiences and connecting each dialogue to the laws. I gained a lot from taking the class. Thank you for being a great instructor.

Tola B., Manager


This class was a great introduction on how to work on becoming a better leader. From the first week taking the 5 Weeks to a Better Leader class, I was able to use the skills learned at my office to improve relationships with co-workers and increase team output 

Michelle B. - Quality Engineer





Contact us to let us know your goals and organizational improvement needs and we'll design a program just for you.

Leadership Makes the Difference!

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