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Understanding Yourself and Others: A Forgotten Leadership Advantage

If you want to uplevel your leadership and communication skills, one thing you can do is increase your understanding of yourself and others. Everyone is motivated differently, wired differently and views tasks and relationships differently. When you discover who you are and how you show up you are better able to lead seamlessly based on your strengths and your style.

Think of every person you work with as an individual puzzle piece that contributes to the whole in a unique and helpful way. Getting to know the strengths, styles, and motivators of each person will help you better understand what to do when you want to get your message across or when you’re looking to make a change. For instance, everyone learns differently and everyone responds to change differently. When you know the personalities you’re working with, you’ll be better able to communicate and lead effectively and guide others in the right direction.

There are lots of personality tests out there that are helpful especially for the workplace one of the ones that is really helpful and simple to understand is DISC.

DISC is an acronym that stands for Dominant, Influential, Steady and Conscientious personality styles. When you know your style and others' styles you can better understand how they learn best and process information; you will understand how they communicate (yes everyone communicates differently), and you can be aware their behavioral tendencies. You will also discover what motivates them and much more. This is super helpful for you when it comes to communicating, leading and working with others. You will improve productivity and performance and enjoy a healthier workplace.

As a leader when you know yourself and know others, you're at a greater advantage!

What is your DISC Personality Style? Why not take the assessment today and encourage your team and those you work with to take it also. You can learn more about our DISC Personality Program here.

You could also watch this short this video to discover what your likely DISC Personality Style is. Let me know what style you identified with from the video, and I will send you personalized insights and tips.

To your Success!

The Growth Studio

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