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Become the Leader You were Meant to Be.p


The #1 Leadership transformation program to help you and your team develop a strong leadership foundation so that you can maximize Productivity, Performance and Results

Change things up in your organization and get together with your team once a week or for a full day to learn the principles that will provide your team with the solid foundation to thrive and succeed, and in return move your organization to the next level. 


This jargon free course is designed to help management and individual team members meet together in the middle to help foster a more engaged and productive workforce and to develop a better organizational culture.


Participants of this class will learn how to:

  • Uncover and overcome the personal and career challenges that they might be facing.  Your level of personal growth and self leadership is a big factor in reaching those goals.

  • Develop the skills that will enable team members "Know, Like and Trust" each other so that they can work together.

  • Improve personal and team performance, and drive better results

  • Lead from a place of respect and influence so that they can motivate and inspire others to action

  • Utilize the tools needed to grow to their maximum potential....and above all,

  • Make a positive impact on co-workers, team members and customers.

The difference with this class is that it lays the foundation for true success so that all other success initiatives that your company is trying to implement become more seamless and maybe become unnecessary.

Course Description

By the end of this course, you will come out as a better leader, you will be able to work better with your internal and external customers, improve your relationship with your team, and raise your influence in such a way that you can begin to maximize your results and make a greater impact.

  • Classes will be interactive and includes activities, exercises and implementation plan

  • Come with your own good idea and leave with several great ideas. 

  • Gain insights into yourself and increase your sense of purpose

  • Apply each principle to your current situation and develop strategies that you can begin to put into action

  • Course offers rich content, no fluff and actionable ideas that you can begin to implement.

Introduction: What is Leadership? Why do I need to Grow as a Leader

The Leadership Advantage

The 5 Levels of Influence: How to move to your next level of influence as a leader


Session 1: Integrity and Attitude, the Foundation for Personal and Organizational Success

How to build character and Integrity

How to raise the trust factor

Creating core values for personal and organizational success

Attitude makes the difference - Laying the foundation for success

Session 2: It's all about Relationships: Relationship Rules for Building a Cohesive Team

Applying the relational rules for success

How  to add value to others
How to truly connect with others
How to become a better listener

How to understand others and raise your influence with them

Session 3: Driving Results as a Leader
How to get things done and leave work accomplished everyday
How to effectively relay your message or vision: Communication that works

Navigate yourself and your Team to Success

How to become a problem solver

How to create positive change


Session 4: Equipping and Motivating your Team and Others

Your potential is determined by your environment and those closest to you

Strategies to influence, motivate and engage your team and others for Results

Session 5: It all Boils down to Making an Impact (Your Legacy and your Impact)

What is success? Moving from success to significance

Building a purpose driven organization or career

Round table discussion and Implementation Plan

Optional: Play the Leadership Game - An interactive non-threatening and fun facilitated game to raise employees' awareness and interest in leadership. This activity helps open the lines of communication among team members and breaks down barriers between management and team members. This can be offered prior to inviting your team to take the course. 

"Great resource, rich content"


"My team has told me I've become a better listener"

Dave, Manager

Kemi taught our membership about leadership where I would score her a 5. She facilitated group exercises following some of the sessions where I would also score her a 5.  Our group was challenging in that they were somewhat reluctant to speak up during the group exercises, but Kemi was able to get people to participate by asking pertinent questions, sharing her own experiences and challenging us to think about and to share how we might deal with certain situations in the workplace.

Kemi is a 5!  She is well versed in leadership training and our section membership benefited greatly from her knowledge and real-world experience.

Education Chair, ASQ

This class was a great introduction on how to work on becoming a better leader. From the first week, I was able to use the skills learnt at my office to improve relationships with co-workers and increase team output

Michelle, Quality Engineer


Prior to this class I was all about "self-help" and certification training.  In this class I have learned to focus more on others - I am now spending more time with subordinates, peers and higher-ups working to develop stronger relationships in the workplace and build my support team

Rochelle , Manager


This course was packed full of information! Kemi was great at presenting it clearly and bringing it all together

Paul, Quality Manager

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