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How to Inspire Impactful Action from your Team

Managers, team leaders and team members often complain about the fact that the people they're leading and working with are not pulling their weight. Be it completing an assignment properly, on time or taking necessary action. In this short video, I share a strategy that will help you move from managing to leading. From just telling, to inspiring purposeful action and engagement from your team. It is just one of many strategies we discuss and apply in our Manager to Leader Course.

Soon after I recorded this video, the very strategy was tested in a conversation that ensued between my son and I. I was rushing home to get him to practice and as soon as I got home he was going to come out into the car because we were running late. I asked him to bring me a banana.

Here's what ensued when he got into the car and as I was driving off.

Me: Where's my banana

Son: We're out of bananas

( When I left the house in the morning there were some bananas)

Me: Oh. Didn't know we were out. I'm hungry

Son: Oh, you should have told me you were hungry. I would have brought you some pretzels.

See what happened there? I didn't tell him why I needed a banana. If I had told him why, he would have been inspired to think about other snacks he could bring me. He was closer to the situation. He knew what we had at home as far as snacks go. I only remembered we had bananas.

When people are inspired by purpose, they take initiative, perform better, and are more engaged. My question is what is your why?

To your success!

Kemi Sorinmade

The Growth Studio

Simplifying Leadership, Maximizing Results

for Teams and Organizations

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