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The Growth Studio provides performance improvement and leadership development coaching and training services to  science, engineering, technology and healthcare teams and organizations so that they can discover and close the gaps keeping them from reaching their goals and achieving sustainable growth that comes through a strong organizational culture. We believe that growth, success and fulfillment comes from continuous improvement and a strong leadership foundation.  We provide jargon free and easy to implement solutions to help you crush the problems that are keeping you from achieving the results you want. 

Unlike other leadership development firms, we offer a fresh and easy to implement approach to solve your current challenges combined with follow through and accountability to help you effectively bridge your organization's leadership gap.


Meet Kemi Sorinmade
























Kemi Sorinmade works with success driven individuals, teams and organizations to help them see what's possible and partners with them to unleash the possibilities. She brings to the table over twenty-five years of combined leadership, engineering, quality management, and entrepreneurial experience. She has successfully led projects, run business operations and championed new initiatives and managed different departments in the different roles she has held at various companies such as Gillette, Electric Boat, Millipore, IEP Technologies, and Coca-Cola. Over the years, her colleagues and team members have attested to her good leadership abilities, which mirror her trainings and coaching. 


She works with professionals and organizations through her signature mastermind classes, action workshops, personal coaching, and customized leadership development training programs to help them acquire the skills necessary to take action, navigate through various challenges, and move to their next level. She also speaks at events and conferences to help professionals and business leaders gain a fresh approach to leadership and personal development, and to motivate and inspire them to achieve their career and business goals. 




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"Kemi Sorinmade is a passionate and supportive coach. From my experience, she has conducted thorough research into guiding her clients to resources and strategies toward success, and is committed to helping them in the process" - Susan F.

Education and Certifications

Northeastern University BS, Chemical Engineering; MS, Engineering Management

Certified Leadership Trainer, Speaker, and Coach, John Maxwell Team

Certified Maxwell Method DISC Facilitator and Consultant

Leadership Training and Development, Kemi Sorinmade, John Maxwell, Easton, Boston, Woman, Success

Our Mission is to help you and your organization improve and grow to reach your maximum potential 

Our Core Values are simplicity, commitment, accessibility, on time service. 

Our Strategies and techniques are easy to understand and easy to implement so that you can quickly achieve your goals and achieve long term success.


There is no passion to be found playing small and settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living

~ Nelson Mandela



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