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My Tedx Talk and the Power of Others

Kemi Sorinmade Tedx Talk. Dealing with Introverts, Succeeding as an Introvert

I look back over the last three years since I launched out to start the Growth Studio and I don't believe that being a Tedx speaker would be one of my accomplishments for 2016. I set goals for 2016, I built my vision board but being a Tedx speaker wasn't one of my goals. It happened though because I had other goals; goals to speak and train at conferences, at events and at organizations. While pursuing that goal I came across a request for speakers for Tedxerie through Speaker Hub. I wasn't even going to apply so I shared the request with other ladies in a women's group that I belonged to. The leader of the group, my former coach (thanks to coaches who are still committed to your success long after you're done working with them) told me to apply and immediately I did and the rest is history. The experience was much easier than I thought; I took the first step and I was assigned three coaches to work with and got a lot of help along the way.

I talk a lot about the power of others in my presentations and training sessions. I couldn't have done this without the help and support of everyone. My husband, children, in-laws, parents, siblings and coaches. Everyone had a hand in this one way or the other.

As you start preparing for 2017, I want you to think about the power of others; What can you get done through others? Who can you ask for help? Who could you collaborate with? Start building your dream team for 2017.

You see me speaking in the video below but it took so many people to make it happen.

In my talk, I take you through my journey from shy kid to introverted engineer, to passionate entrepreneur with lessons learned along the way. Please share your thoughts and do share with any one you think might benefit from this. Enjoy!

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Kemi Sorinmade

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