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How to Succeed in your Current Role

Many of us are talented and skilled in our professions but our effectiveness only goes so far if we cannot influence others. Developing and raising your influence results in a multiplying effect on your success, helps you stand out amongst the rest and enhances your ability to have a greater impact.

Here are three simple things you can do to raise your influence:

1. Become a person of Integrity - when you don't have integrity you have nothing. This goes beyond being honest and truthful but also extends into living and working daily based a set of core principles. Integrity makes others trust you and when others trust you, you have influence with them.

2. Become a people person - realize that just about anything you do depends on others. When you relate well with others by understanding them, connecting with them, valuing them over profits and things, you raise your influence with them and have more impact (Watch 10 Relationship Rules for Life and Business Success)

3. Grow your leadership skills - Leadership is not just about position but it encompasses many different skills and qualities such as respect, vision, discipline, intuition, empowerment, team work, and more. So title, position and job description will only take you so far. Grow your leadership skills by reading books on leadership and by taking classes. Everyone is a leader and self leadership is necessary to take your results to the next level.

Kemi Sorinmade Become a Better Leader, Boss, Manager

Here, I was teaching the Law of the Lid at at our 5 Weeks to a Better Leader ‪‎Intensive for ‪‎quality professionals. The higher your leadership ability, the higher your level of effectiveness and success. If you are not getting results, if your team or organization is not performing well, it's likely because of a lack of self or organizational leadership. When you improve your leadership without more technical or functional training, your effectiveness, influence and success increase exponentially. Try leadership!

"Everything Rises and Falls on Leadership"

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