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The Power of Being Intentional

One day while on my lunch break, I left my phone in plain view on the passenger seat of my car and got out of the car to grab my lunch. As I was walking away a thought popped into my head: "What if someone woke up this morning thinking that they wanted to steal a phone?" I quickly went back to my car and grabbed my phone. Yes, a lot of people would have walk by my car and probably not notice the phone but that one person whose intention was to steal a phone that day would notice it and probably break into the car if they did walk by. That is the power of intention.

It's that time of the year when everyone is making new year resolutions, setting goals and creating bucket lists. This is always a great way to start the year. No matter what you call it, doing this shows that you are purposeful and intentional. I recently completed my bucket list/goals for 2016 for various areas of my life - business, relationships, health, spiritual, financial, home and family. I have to be intentional about certain things if I want a change and if I want results. If not, it will be the same story and same problems all over again.

So, here are the reasons why intentions matter just in case you haven't written down any goals in a while.

1. You will stop giving in to excuses. You will stop blaming your circumstances, others, society and the government for that issue or problem. Think of the last time you gave an excuse, or the one area where you're still giving excuses and placing blame. Could it be because you have not been intentional in that area?

2. You will actually get something done. You will actually accomplish something. You will become better. You will finally get results. What you write down has a way of making you accountable and propel you to take action.Read: Beyond SMART Goals- How to Set Goals so that You Can Achieve Them

3. You will become aware of opportunities and they will stop passing you by. Like the potential phone thief, when you are intentional about something, you will become aware of the opportunities that were there all along. Once you are intentional about something, the resources to get it done will start showing up. Not because they weren't there before but because you are now aware.

4. You actually get to fix a problem before it happens. You become more proactive. You will stop living in reactive mode.

I challenge you to be intentional about your life, business, relationships, spiritual life, career, family....whatever you value, and see what a difference it makes. Start each day with intention; with the intention of getting that "phone".

I am sure you want to grow, reach your God given potential, and ultimately become significant and be of value to the world. That is what success is all about. But you have to start by being intentional.

Join me and the John Maxwell Team on a conference call to kick off 2016 with Intentional Living! John Maxwell will share with you how to make 2016 your best year ever by choosing to live a life that matters. I hope you'll join us!

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