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Raising Your Awareness, Discovering Your Blind Spots

Are your lack of awareness and blind spots keeping you from achiveing results?

In our Leadership Gold program, Lesson #12 says: "Your Biggest Mistake is Not Asking What Mistakes You're Making"

As leaders, in order to achieve exceptional results and succeed, so many things come into play and ones we often overlook are our level of awareness and blindspots. Our blindpots are those things we don't see that are affecting our results and our lack of awareness keeps us in the same spot.

In this video, I talk about why you need to raise your awareness and discover your blind spots.

Ask about our Leadership Gold Program for executives, managers and team leaders. In this John Maxwell Leadership program, we will discuss and work on implementing 26 leadership nuggets to help you become a smart and successful leader.

Raising Your Awareness and Discovering your Blind Spots

To your Success!

Kemi Sorinmade

Leadership Success Coach, Trainer, Facilitator

The Growth Studio

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