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Your Skills and Talents are not Enough

Your technical skills, talents and abilities are not enough for success. In order to become more effective and become more successful in your career, business, or in your role as a parent, child or leader, you need to take personal development seriously. Your talent, title, formal education and skilled training are not enough. Personal growth is the foundation for overall growth. How do you build that foundation?

  • Develop your skills and talents futher. Recognize your strengths; what you are really good at, and continue to be good at them. We tend to do nothing with our strengths because we feel that when we're naturally good at something, there's no need for improvement. Our areas of strength need to be worked on the most.

  • Work on your leadership skills (relationships, influence, attitude, teamwork)

  • Work on your character - work on your inner self and live, work, and run your business based on values and principles.

Many of us forget that growth is essential even after graduation from college. How many of you gave up reading right after graduation? I know I did for a while and regret it. I would have been more successful in my career if I had taken personal development seriously early on. If you have fallen off the wagon of personal development, or never been, it's not too late to get back on track or start.

As a business owner or employee, when you develop yourself personally, work on your leadership skills and develop your character, you have a better chance at success. Organizatons who value their employees invest in them through training and development. If you are an employer, give your employees time to work on themselves. This investment pays dividends over time.

When you grow "you", you grow your business. When you grow your people, you grow your organization. (Tweet this)

Here are the few ways you can improve and grow.

1. Catch up on your Reading. Leaders are readers. You want to be a leader in your field? Read. Read books, magazines, articles and publications to help raise your awareness, learn some new things, and sharpen your current skills.

2. Take a Class. Attend seminars and conferences. Sometimes, you need help from people who know more than you do to help you understand and apply concepts to help you grow. Getting educated by others adds a new dimension to your ability to learn and grow.

3. Join a Group. Mastermind groups, networking events and other organized groups are great, and help take your learning and growth to a new level. A mastermind is a group of like minded individuals who desire to focus on and achieve their goals through the study of a specific set of information or material from a specific book or author. Masterminds are powerful because you are able to rub minds with other individuals, gain new ideas, and remain accountable.

If you haven't picked up a book in a while, do so today. When you work on yourself, you have a better chance at success.

The Growth Studio offers classes, workshops and mastermind classes to help you grow to reach your greatest potential. Click here for events and classes.

Kemi Sorinmade

Leadership success trainer and coach

Helping you improve and grow to reach your greatest potential

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