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Flying Fish

Welcome to a new fall season. I hope your summer was great and that you're gearing up for a great fourth quarter. One of the books I read over the summer is "Fish" which I mentioned in a previous blog post: Your Summer Reading List The book tells the story of a manager who had been assigned the task to lead a disengaged, unmotivated and under performing team. She ended up learning what to do by seeking advice from an unlikely source; the employees at a fish Market place in Seattle, a very successful workplace where the employees were so alive and passionate. From them she learned four simple strategies that she took back to her team to help them become more motivated, happy and engaged; and also improve customer service: 1) Change your attitude, 2) Infuse play into work, 3) Make each other's day, 4) Be there for one another and for your customers. How could you implement these simple strategies to boost productivity, engagement, and performance with your team? I know they are simple but it's the simple things we overlook that keep us from getting results. I visited Seattle right after reading the book and by coincidence, I stumbled upon the world famous Pike Place Fish Market: "Didn't I just read about this place?" They had talked about flying fish in the book and I saw for myself what that looked like (see video below).

As you almost enter into the last quarter of the year, one of the things you can do to improve workplace performance and productivity is to focus on simple strategies such as building relationships, improving communication and maintaining integrity. These go a long way in producing results for your organization.

At the Growth Studio, we pride ourselves in partnering with our clients to implement these strategies.

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