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10 Reasons Why Your Employees are not Motivated

Can't get people to do what you want them to do? Do you have a team that's not perfoming as they ought to or an employee who is just not happy? Here are ten reasons why. Even if you don't have employees or a team, these could also apply to your clients, children and followers.

1. You are not clear about your vision, or what you want them to do. Lack of vision hinders initiative, motivation and follow through. People will only follow you if they see the picture and they know where they are going; and not only that, they won't follow through if they don't know why they are doing what you want them to do.

2. You do not communicate the vision regularly. So, let's say you've communicated the vision; that's not enough. You have to do it regularly. Not only do you need to remind yourself of your vision, you need to remind your team regularly. So if you're wondering why people are not taking initiative or doing what you expect of them, it's likely that they have forgotten the vision.

3. You have not created a growth environment for them. Investing in and adding value to your team in some form helps them to improve, grow and become better. They become empowered and develop mindsets and attitudes that make them more responsible. People in growth environments are more motivated because they are challenged.

4. You are not leading by example. People do what people see. If you live by the old adage, "Do as I say, not as I do" you are kidding yourself. You have to model what you want to see in your team. Simple as that!

5. You have betrayed their trust. If you do not keep your promises, if you keep repeating mistake no. 4, and if you are not a person of integrity, it will be hard for your team to do what you want them to do.

6. You have not released them from their weaknesses. If you keep having your team members do something they are not skilled at, you won't get results. You will have a discouraged, unhappy, and unmotivated team member who can't produce for the organization.

7. You don't sincerely appreciate them. You all know that what is not appreciated tends to be misused or abused. When you don't appreciate your team and show it, you are not likely to get more out of them.

8. You don't set them up for success. When you don't give your team the tools, guidance and resources they need to do what you want them to do, you are not likely to get them to perform the way you want them to.

9. You do not believe in them and encourage them. People do get tired and discouraged from time to time. Your encouragement and belief in them might just be the boost they need to get going and produce the results you want from them.

....and most importantly,

10. You don't have a relationship with them. It is hard to get any response from anyone you don't have a relationship with. The know, like and trust factor comes into play here. If you and your employees don't "know" each other it will be hard for them to listen to you and really perform the way you want them to.

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Here's to your success!

Kemi Sorinmade

Helping you Improve and Grow to Reach your Greatest Potential

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