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How to have a Winning Attitude

Embrace a Winning Attitude

Have you ever thought about the difference between businesses that fail and those who don't? You've heard it said all the time that a big percentage of new businesses fail within their first year in operation. This keeps people from starting businesses and those who do start give up at the first sign of trouble because they remember that statement. What makes businesses fail is that the people give in too soon.

What does it take for your business to stand the test of time and win? As we get to the end of 2014 are you in a place where you are looking back and asking yourself if you've accomplished anything? Have you given up on the goals you set at the beginning of the year? Have you given up on achieving your dreams? Well, don't give up just yet. There's hope. Get back on track an put on a winning attitude.

I bet you one mistake or one failure event or one obstacle has probably kept you from moving on and taking the steps to keep moving. You need to know this about failure, mistakes or obstacles: what you do with them determines your success. Giving in to failures keeps you from working more, hoping more or trusting more.

The natural response to failure is to give up. Have you noticed that every time you have a win; maybe a sale, you are inspired to do more but when you experience a "no" or a set back you want to give up? You stop doing what you need to do.

Many experts say businesses fail because of what was not done but I say businesses fail because we give in to defeat and giving in to defeat is what keeps us from doing what we need to do to find ways to grow the business. Winners always find a way!

Have a winning attitude ALWAYS, celebrate the smallest victories. If you have the will to win, you have achieved half your success; if you don't, you have achieved half your failure.

Take a look at this:*

So, you didn't make your numbers this month. How did you react? Did you give in to defeat? Did it make you tired, forsake the game plan or lose excitement about your business? or did you do the opposite?

The fact that you may be losing doesn't mean you should act out the natural responses. Get back on the winning side. Make victory your aim, failure is not an option. When you do this you will be closer to reaching those goals before the year runs out and be on track for next year.

*Becoming a Person of Influence

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