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Secret Place Habits of High Impact Leaders

We all follow leaders because of their influence, ability to innovate, drive results, and do exceptional things. Is it because they were born leaders? Is it because they are geniuses? I'm sure you know that the answer is no. These leaders have learnt the art of leadership and they do some things in secret that others don't know about.

We all know that it wasn't the tip of the iceberg that sunk the titanic but the part of the iceberg that wasn't visible. So also with us as leaders, it's those things that aren't seen, the things that we don't really want to do, and habits that are contrary to popular practice, that provide the most impact.  What do leaders do in secret that make them impactful? You can begin making a greater impact in your career too by taking on some these habits:

1. They spend time thinking. Do you have a thinking practice? This is the time you tune everything out and spend time with yourself to think. When we spend time thinking, we get answers to questions that have been puzzling us, we get creative ideas, we become more self aware, we become more innovative. Try it. Get a pen and notebook and put this into practice daily by setting time aside at home or at work, taking a walk, or going to a different environment (for example a Cafe), and you will be surprised the new ideas, solutions and new revelations about yourself that you come up with. You can think about your goals, think about what you are grateful for, reflect on things that didn't go well and think about how you could improve, think deeper and meditate on something you just read for more clarification, and so on. There's a lot to think about isn't it?

2. They spend time reading. Ask any successful CEO today and they will tell you that they read a certain number of books in a year. Reading exposes you to new knowledge, information and ideas to help you develop yourself, develop your mindset and your skills, and so much more. In what areas do you want to grow and succeed? Read books that will help you. Don't have time to read? That's probably because growth is not your priority. Spend less time on other time wasters and you will have time to read.

3. They check their attitudes. Everyone we encounter on a daily basis is different. It is also inevitable that we will encounter situations that are unfavorable occasionally. We need a daily attitude check so that these situations don't hinder our progress. Leaders decide ahead of time that they will not just react to situations and people but remain proactive and deal appropriately with every situation. A good attitude means not giving up, understanding others, not complaining, taking responsibility, not blaming others, and remaining positive, among other things. Having a right attitude can turn certain problems into a blessing. 

4. They utilize systems. Ever wonder why some people can accomplish so much? It's because they use systems. Systems enable ordinary people to accomplish extraordinary things predictably. Systems are simply the way you do things, or tools you utilize to help you accomplish your tasks and goals quickly and more efficiently. Your system could be a checklist, template, App, picking out your clothes every night, using a planner, having a scheduler (instead of emailing back and forth to set appointments), and the list goes on and on. What systems could you implement to help you become more efficient so that you can have more time for other important things? 

5. They utilize the power of stretching. This is one I need to work on myself. Leaders act like rubber bands. A rubber band is not useful unless it is stretched (but becomes useless if overstretched). What are you trying to accomplish and have you done all you can to accomplish it? Stretching is all about moving beyond our comfort zone to get the results we want. Making one more attempt, sending that email one more time, trying to resolve that situation in a different way, going the extra mile, doing one more squat or push up....and the list goes on. In what ways do you need to stretch more to get the results you really want? Albert Einstein stated that he wasn't that smart but that he just stayed with the problem longer! That's the power of stretching.

And there are other habits such as prayer, having a coach or mentor, having an inner circle, and so much more. Do you have any secret place habits not listed here? I would be curious to know what they are. 

To your Success!

Kemi Sorinmade

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