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Everyone Can't be the Same

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Clash of Personalities

I've been a part of many teams and one thing that makes each of those teams interesting and achieve results is the diversity. Diversity not only in terms of different races or genders, but diversity in terms of people's work styles, talents, gifts, and personalities.

A lot of individuals do not like the teams they are part of because of the way others show up or behave themselves. They end up not enjoying going to work or working with others due to conflict, and as a result the team suffers and the individual cannot maximize their work output. Long term, the individual doesn't reach their potential and doesn't achieve true success in their career. At the end of the day, how well you work with others and draw on other people's strengths will determine how successful you will be.

Here are few tips to help you win as an individual and as a team. Every team and every group has different kinds of people and instead of reacting to these differences in a negative way, we need to understand why we are all different and learn to be proactive and enjoy the benefits of the diversity that exists on our teams. And more importantly, we need to capitalize on what everyone brings to the table. Everyone cannot be the same and that's a good thing!

Sameness is the death of anything!

1. As an individual on a team, you have your own personality. Be okay with whom you are. Be proud of what you bring to the table and be proud of how you show up no matter what others have said about you.

2. Learn to appreciate others that don't look like, dress like, think or act, or work like you do. Recognize what they bring to the table and allow them to safely utilize their style. 

3. Not only should you appreciate those different styles, use them to the team's advantage. Is there someone who is always challenging the facts during your meetings? Appreciate that and use it to your advantage. They might be saving you from trouble down the line. Is there someone who is never bothered about the rules and wants your the team to take action? Capitalize on that sometimes because your team needs to make decisions and get results. Do you have someone who wears bright yellow pants in your team? Appreciate that instead of talking about them; because they bring brightness and color to the team! And the list goes on an on....

4. Even though your style is your style and as I mentioned, you need to be okay with who you are; but there still needs to be balance. Discover the needs and personalities of others, understand how you rub others the wrong way, and make modifications so that you can connect with, approach and work better with them.  

5. Learn about your style, personality and motivations and those of others by booking or attending our DISC Personality Leadership and Communication Workshop

When you take the DISC Personality Assessment and attend the workshop you will:

  • Discover and appreciate your DISC (Dominant, Influencing, Steady, Compliant) personality, leadership and communication style.

  • Understand the communication style of others and learn the do's and don'ts of communicating with them. 

  • Discover the styles you work best with and maybe even most likely enjoy a better relationship with :) 

  • Discover the ideal environment where you and your team mates can bring your best forward

  • Discover your strengths in 7 key areas of influence and so much more!

Work more effectively together as a team, improve communication, minimize conflict and maximize results

Join us on March 5 in Boston or Book the workshop for your organization.

Learn More about bringing the DISC Program to your organization.

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