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The Secret to Getting More Done and Achieving your Goals

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How are you doing today? And how is your summer going? I hope you are taking time out to do the things that you love while the warmer weather is here (at least for those of us who only enjoy three months of real warm weather). I made a decision to make sure I always enjoy the summer months and do more with my family. I must say we've done quite a bit this summer already. This weekend we discovered a new spot in Boston - Castle Island. I've lived in Boston for many years and never knew the place existed. But because I changed my priorities and became more intentional about doing more with my family, I've been discovering these places. As professionals and business owners many times we think we don't have time to do certain things because we are so busy and we end up just living day to day and look back and end up feeling unfulfilled.

One of my favorite sections to teach on in our Transformed Organization Unleash the Leader in You course is the session on Driving Results as a Leader. In order to drive results, you need to focus on the right activities and you need to be able to plan. The secret to getting things done, getting more out of the day and getting back the one or two hours to do the things that we really love and that matter is priorities!

The Law of Priorities: Leaders understand that activity is not necessarily accomplishment.

How do you set your priorities? You can use the 3R method of prioritization developed by John Maxwell. Answer the following questions: What is Required? What must I or my team do that truly aligns with our goals and vision? What must I do that no one else can do? What are my big rocks? What gives me the greatest return? Does this activity yield the best results? What part of this activity will give me the greatest results? What gives me the greatest reward? Does this activity align with my strengths? Am I remotely passionate about this activity? Does it align with our core values? Does it align with my personality? (or team members' personalities) What part of this activity do I love? The answers to these questions should be what you focus on. They are the things that need to go on your calendar.

Let's take the third question for example - when we are focused on an activity that doesn't align with our strengths, we end up taking longer to do it or we don't do a good job at it. It also means we don't do it in the best way possible and we end up having to do it again, or we don't get the right output. For instance, you are trying to lose weight and you are not successful because you are trying to do an activity that doesn't make sense for you. Yes, waking up at 5 am to go to the gym is the way to lose the pounds. Yes, that has worked for Jim but does not work for Sally who is not a morning person. Be sure to take our online course, Mission Accomplished to help you streamline the way you work, get more done, and get back that one or two hours a day to focus on the things that you love and that matter. In this course, I take you through four simple action steps that will help you prioritize each day and help you improve your productivity and performance. I offer more examples on how to use 3Rs of priorities and the course is broken down into bite size lessons which makes it easy to fit into your schedule. Take the course and share with your team, and see the needle move on your personal and team productivity and performance. Register Now. "Today we will get the right things done"

To your success

Kemi Sorinmade

Leadership Success Coach, Trainer, Facilitator

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