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The Growth Studio Partners with She Geeks Out to Help Organizations Create Inclusive Cultures

Kemi Sorinmade Diversity and Inclusion, Retaining Top Talent, Inclusive Culture

Welcome to summer. I'm always excited for this time of the year because the weather is warmer. It's a break from the nine months of having to wear a sweater, jacket or socks. Just as summer rolled around, we heard in the news that the CEO of Uber, Travis Kalanick resigned. I have been following the stories of the company's issues ever since one of the employees filed an harassment complaint. The stories are dear to my heart because my goal is to help organizations create conducive work environments where employees are engaged and happy. People join teams and organizations to earn a salary, support a worthy cause or project but they leave because of people; a co-worker, a boss or a boss from another department. This is what happened at Uber. A CEO that lacked effective leadership, a VP who was harassing a female employee, and an overall toxic culture. At a workshop I led recently, an attendee mentioned the fact that because she was a contract employee, a co-worker, younger than she was abusive, always looked down on her and never listened to her. These are the kind of workplace issues that can frustrate team members and cause teams to remain unproductive and dysfunctional. These are the kind of issues that cause organizations to lose their best employees. The problem is that organizations don't understand the costs associated with low productivity and turnover therefore, the problems still linger. In light of all these, earlier this year, the Growth Studio partnered with She Geeks Out, a company in Boston focused on diversity and inclusion, to offer various workshops to help organizations recruit, interview inclusively and create inclusive cultures so that they can retain their top talent. Topics include: how do you hire and interview inclusively, run more effective meetings, source diverse candidates, become a better manager, and so much more.

To your Success!

Kemi Sorinmade

Leadership Success Coach, Trainer, Facilitator

The Growth Studio

John Maxwell Team

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