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The Collision of Purpose and Passion

How to reach your full potential, team, organization, Productivity, performance

One of the things I will be talking about at this upcoming Tedx talk will be about my journey of personal growth and development, and how I overcame a life long struggle. This is the theme for the event:

"Don't Give up the Ship - Everyday challenges make us question who we are. The stories of struggle, diligence, and perseverance get us through. What is your story?"

The crux of my message is this: when purpose and passion collide, there is no telling what you can achieve and accomplish as an individual, as a team or organization; and the struggles you face become inconsequential. Right after the talk, we'll be starting another class that I would love you to attend. Individuals and team members continue to experience frustration because they know they are not utilizing their full potential. They know that they can achieve more but they are stuck. In order to do more and achieve more, we need to BE MORE. The Invaluable Laws of Growth will help you become more. The class covers the principles that will help you discover your sense of purpose and create success habits that will help you maximize your potential as a career professional, business owner or executive. When you work on yourself and keep growing personally, this is when you will find growth and success in every other area of your life. If you have hit a plateau in your career or business, or you feel that there is more to life than you're experiencing right now, it means you have stopped growing personally. Some of us stopped growing when we left high school, some right after college. I invite you to an incredible journey of growth. Join us as we learn, discuss and apply these principles for a life changing experience.

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