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Quotes to Help you Achieve Greatness

Here's a curation of quotes I am loving this week.

For every problem you have, someone has dedicated his or her life, time and passion to becoming an expert in that area

~Darren Hardy

We're all gifted in different areas, and in those areas we have limitless potential

~ Christian Simpson

You won't win on the outside until you have resolved to win a victory on the inside

If you don't create and maintain a strong cement foundation of commitment, then the negative weeds will grow in the cracks between you and your dreams

~John Lemme

No matter what your people are made of, they can become treasures under your leadership

~ John Maxwell

Wealth, like happiness, is never attained when sought after directly. It comes as a by-product of providing a useful service

~Henry Ford

Self-improvement is first and foremost in the life of the entrepreneur who accomplishes extraordinary success ~ Christian Simpson

What will you do with these powerful quotes? What actions will you take?

  • Hire a coach or work with a mentor who is skilled in an area I am struggling with

  • Focus on my passion because I am only able to reach my full potential when I do what I am passionate about

  • Change my attitude towards life, people and circumstances around me

  • Stay committed to my dreams, goals and assignments so that obstacles don't stop me

  • Focus first on my service to others. I know that wealth, happiness and fulfillment will follow

  • I will focus on the strengths and potential of the people I work with. I will empower, enlarge them so that they can become more than they are now.

  • Beyond sales, marketing and strategy, I will also invest in developing my self through reading, training and working on my character

Which action item did you say yes to? Let's hear it.

To your Success!

Kemi Sorinmade, Speaker, Trainer, Business Coach

The Growth Studio provides personal and leadership development training and coaching for entrepreneurs and organizations who want to achieve better results, increase their effectiveness and reach their full potential.

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