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The Sausage Problem

I was making sausage for dinner the other day and had difficulty cutting the sausage into small pieces. I actually had this problem everytime I made sausage for dinner. I always assumed the film on the sausage made it hard to get a smooth cut and that was just the way it was. Then one day it dawned on me that my knife wasn't sharp enough for the job. I sharpened my knife and the sausage was easier to cut and not only that, the cut was smooth.

Are you currently running into problems in your organization or do you run into difficulty when performing tasks but think that's just the way things are? Are you spending more time than necessary completing tasks and think, "oh well that's the way it's been done and there's nothing we can do about it". Could it be that you could "sharpen your knife" so that the problem can be solved. Could it be that you can implement a system or create and use tools to make your job easier?

For example, are you entering the same information in many different places? Or do you always have to craft a new email message each time you send out a quote, or do your customers complain about the same issues all the time?

You need tools and systems to make these problems go away, to help you run more efficiently and prevent the complaints from happening again. You do not need to run your business with these problems. You do not need to live with them. Take the time to sharpen the knife. Take the time to sit back to create systems and use the tools necessary. For example, create templates for those quotes, create standard operating procedures to prevent future customer complaints, reevaluate your entire process to see where you can eliminate redundancy, and so on. Your business will be running smoothly in no time.

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