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Unleash your Greatness Coaching

Imagine having someone you can talk to, strategize with, learn from, and who can hold you accountable on your journey to becoming the best you can be! 

The Unleash your Greatness Coaching Program takes you on a journey of personal growth. Working on yourself opens up a world of possibilities and positions you to achieve and sustain your goals and dreams in life, career and business!

Unleash your Greatness Coaching | Personal Development | Coach | John Maxwell | Boston | Self Discovery | Growth | Success Coach


Before joining the program, I found myself lacking confidence in my leadership abilities and unsure of how to navigate life and what I really want out of life. Since embarking on this transformative journey, my growth has been nothing short of remarkable. The program provided me with invaluable tools, strategies, and insights that have empowered me to become a more confident and impactful leader. I gained a deeper understanding of my strengths and areas for improvement, allowing me to harness my full potential.


Through the personalized coaching sessions, I received guidance tailored to my specific needs and challenges. The support and expertise of coach Kemi was exceptional, enabling me to develop a clear vision, set meaningful goals, and implement effective strategies. As a result, I am living my life to the fullest and becoming my authentic self.

I am pleased to work alongside you and be by your side for a whole year to help you uncover and sustain the greatness that is within you. I will be your accountability partner and coach as you take the steps to discover yourself, achieve your goals, overcome your current roadblocks, and live the life you were designed for. 

The results?

Living a Fulfilled, Significant and Impactful life. 

The one year coaching /mentoring program is designed to help you develop and sustain results; as opposed to other shorter programs which are rushed. 


Program Details

Unleash your Greatness Coaching Includes:

  • DISC Assessment + debrief to help you discover your personality communication and leadership styles, plus much more

  • Unleash your Greatness Journal (Download your Free Copy)

  • Twelve (12) One-on-One sessions to work through the Unleash your Greatness modules and create an action plan that is unique to your style and strengths 

  • Accountability check ins to follow up on your actions, and work through challenges and issues 

  • Free resources and free access to one Unleash / Leadership program or workshop


1. A Look in the Mirror (The Power of Self Awareness)
2. Living Life at Level 5 
3. My Dreams and Goals
4. How Satisfied Am I? 
5. Bridging my Success Gaps 
6. Designing My Life 
7. My Growth Environment
9. Unleashing the Leader in me
10. My Action Plan

Other goals you want to work on not included in the program


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