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The Growth Studio Completes "5 Weeks to a Better Leader" Course for Local Organization

I recently completed a 5 Week leadership training program for quality managers and professionals, and team leaders of a local membership organization. The training was focused on introducing the concept of leadership to professionals in the technical and engineering field, and to equip them with the leadership skills to help them become effective problem solvers and achieve greater results in their roles.

In the 5 Week training, the participants enjoyed learning tried and time tested leadership principles that helped revolutionize their thinking and as a result would enable them to grow and achieve a greater level of success.

According to one of the participants, the training provided excellent information, materials and practical experience. "The class was worthwhile and got me thinking about leadership in multiple aspects of my work and life". Another participant remarked: "This class was a great introduction to how to work on becoming a better leader. From the first week, I was able to use the skills learned at my office to improve relationships with co-workers and increase team output"

Here's a breakdown of the 5 week curriculum:

Week 1: We talked about Integrity and how it relates to success. We talked about the importance of relationships and the participants learnt the steps to understanding others better.

Week 2: We continued the conversation about relationships and learnt about the 10 relationship rules for life and career success. We also worked on the benefits of listening, techniques to develop listening skills and the barriers to listening to others.

Week 3: We focused on leadership: the what, the how and why of leadership. We talked about what true leaders do to increase their effectiveness and achieve lasting success.

Week 4: We discussed the power of the inner circle and the environment. Who and what you surround yourself with both have a big impact on your effectiveness and success

Week 5: We rounded up with legacy. We talked about living a purposeful life and leaving a legacy, and the steps to moving from success to significance.

Everyone shared what they would begin to do to improve as a leader and left with a plan to make it happen. I received a lot of positive feedback and some suggestions for improvement (great leaders seek ideas and feedback), and I am so thrilled that subsequent 5 Week to a Better Leader Programs will be bigger and much better (leaders continue to improve)

This class was a great introduction on how to work on becoming a better leader. From the first week, I was able to use the skills learnt at my office to improve relationships with co-workers and increase team output - Michelle B., Quality Engineer

Prior to this class I was all about "self-help" and certification training. In this class I have learned to focus more on others - I am now spending more time with subordinates, peers and higher-ups working to develop stronger relationships in the workplace and build my support team - Rochelle J., Manager

Check out the 5 Weeks to Better Leader Course and reserve your spot for our next session, or book the course for your organization.

When you invest in your personal and leadership development and that of your team, attitudes are improved, characters are developed, and teams become cohesive; and you build a better organization - Kemi Sorinmade, The Growth Studio

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